Why is Everyone Going Solar?

Solar Homes


The worldwide solar boom wasn’t established by a bunch of wealthy environmentalists. In fact, the majority of homeowners going solar right now live in ordinary, suburban neighborhoods with very little tree shade. As the technology has advanced, the prices have dropped to the point that roof top solar is competitive with large-scale power plants. That in itself is amazing. Meanwhile, federal and local incentives have made solar a must-have home improvement with an amazing return on investment. But don’t take our word for it, that’s backed up by tons of independent research.


2010 Berkeley Study

2017 Texas Homeowners Association Study


What’s required for going solar?

  • a decent income
  • low to average debt
  • good credit score

You don’t have to become an expert on solar. Just find a firmly established company that can back up their estimates with a guarantee in writing. It’s easy to prove that a roof top solar system will save you a small fortune over time, since you’re basically trading one bill for another (although you will still be connected to the local utility grid for safety reasons). That’s why you won’t lose power at night. For most people, utility bills won’t go up, since the money you save is usually enough to cover your monthly solar payment. Since the payments are low and fixed, it’s especially attractive for young families or anyone that’s close to retirement age.


When you install a solar system, you own the power plant, so the benefits go far beyond saving money. It’s a profitable investment because utility bills are not optional and inflation is a major pain in the budget. The difference is so big that it’s like comparing a long-term renter to a homeowner. After 30 years the renter has nothing to show but fond memories, while the homeowner has built up a small fortune in equity and property appreciation.


Rebates and Tax Credits

The financial advantage is undeniable, that’s why business owners are also taking advantage of local rebates, even when they don’t own the building. The payback is fast enough to justify an install on property with a long-term lease.


It’s not all good news, however, the rebates are steadily declining and it’s only a matter of time before they’re gone. They were only meant to be temporary, so don’t miss your window!


Rebate and Tax Credit Information


Find out if you’re eligible and schedule an appointment for your free quote today. What do you have to lose besides a heavy loaded energy bill?