Top 5 Ways to Save Energy

Ways to Save Energy

San Antonio summers are unbelievably hot, and that leads to unbelievably high utility bills. Our summer is also longer than northern states’, and each extra month costs a lot just to stay cool. We all want to be comfortable, but that makes the amount we spend on energy double (or more), but it all depends on your energy efficiency. Here are Top 5 ways to save energy that we want to share with you! 


#5. Shut Doors and Close Curtains

In South Texas, that sun can be brutal, beating down on us and making it harder to cool. By closing our curtains, we can reduce that amount of energy that is needed to cool the home! Shutting doors to rooms that you don’t use, as well as only cooling those you spend time in, can reduce your energy bill as well.


#4. Set Your Thermostat

In the Summer, heating can account for 40% of an electricity bill. Statistically, we like to keep our houses at a temperature between 70 and 75 degrees. However, the ideal number for energy efficiency is about 78 degrees, and every degree under this can cost you about 10% or more per month. If you aim for this perfect temperature you could save a few bucks on energy!


#3. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

It doesn’t seem like much, but by washing your clothes in cold water could save you about $100 a year. You can increase those savings even further by washing on a short cycle and waiting until you have a full load in the washer.


#2. Stop Standby Power Waste

How often do we go out to work, workout, or run errands, and leave our phone chargers plugged in? Or forget to turn off the TV? Well 10% of our bills are attributed to devices that are just plugged in, without being used! Getting a standby controller or unplugging your devices could be a great way to save energy and some dough!



Just save the hassle! While these are all great ways to save energy, you could significantly reduce your energy bill by simply going solar. By installing panels on your home, you could reduce the amount that you spend on energy by up to 50-90%, but each household is unique. All of that can happen without sacrificing degrees on your thermostat. It’s really the most efficient way to save energy without changing your lifestyle. By applying all these tips and going solar you could save a ton of energy and money!