Do You Need A Second Opinion Before Going Solar?

Solar Homes

A dishonest solar quote could cost you thousands of dollars.


What should you consider before going solar, and why are second opinions so important? Here is a list of factors that matter the most when deciding if your home is a good fit. Not every home is well suited for solar panels, so ask these questions first:




A Second Opinion Proved Helpful for One Family


Right when we pulled up to the driveway, I knew the deal wouldn’t work, but we had driven thirty minutes to be there. I wanted to at least introduce myself and honor our appointment.


Our customer greeted us with a smile, but immediately said that we didn’t need to proceed… he had signed a contract with another solar company earlier that day. However, solar is a big investment so I suggested that it would be wise to get a second opinion. He agreed to let us evaluate his home.


I moved on to the next important question: Was the contractor you purchased from on the approved vendor list for CPS?


This is a big deal! Many questionable contractors get removed from the list. There is a real risk… and sure enough, the contractor they selected wasn’t on the list.


With that information, I moved onto my next question: Who is financing this purchase?


A quick Google search on their finance company showed a generic name, poor Google reviews, and allegations of fraud. It wasn’t looking good.


We explained all of this to the homeowners and it was clear that the previous salesman gave a sketchy proposal that, if installed, would not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. We couldn’t bid on the house before the tree shade and carport issues were resolved, and neither would be cheap to fix. I did my best to communicate that the contract they signed earlier in the day wasn’t in their best interest. I advised them to cancel it immediately.


They eventually mentioned that the previous salesman was a relative of theirs, so they were understandably defensive at first. In my opinion, he was either intentionally taking advantage or not entirely informed on the basic requirements for a solar install. Either way, we wanted our customers to have all of the information they needed to make an educated purchase.



We Want to Help


Even if you don’t do business with us, we are here to help. From my experience, most solar companies do not have engineers on staff. Our engineers and installers have been doing this a long time, and it only takes a few minutes for us evaluate your solar quotes and/or contract. No job is too small or too big. Make sure you get everything in writing and call us to see if it’s really as good as advertised. Every day we run into exaggerated solar proposals that are inaccurate and misleading. Solar quotes require several math-based assumptions (as variable factors), and when they are intentionally skewed, all bets are off. Call us today, before it’s too late, because a big portion of our work is fixing the mistakes of less reputable companies.